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Tampa and Asheville based photographer, painter, and founder of Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography. I’m a high-spirited artist with an easygoing attitude, as well as a dedicated perfectionist when it comes to capturing special moments for my clients.


I received a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, with focuses in photography and fine art painting. I officially began my photographic career at a small Orlando-based company called Pix ‘n Pages. There, I covered dog shows (adorable!) and learned even more about my industry (invaluable). I then created Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography in 2012 to put my own talents — creative photography and fine art — to work. I now provide photography for weddings, engagements, fashion shoots, and other occasions. I also offer fine art services, including custom murals and other commissioned artwork.


I love to travel and am a gypsy at heart. I love hiking and the great outdoors. I practice (and teach) yoga. I value photography for the sense of adventure it brings. I enjoy seeing the world not only through a camera lens but also, sometimes, from rivers or from the tops of mountains. I consider myself to be a social butterfly as well as a deeply empathetic individual, and I feel that these qualities allow me to thrive in a variety of shooting environments — especially weddings, which are high-energy as well as incredibly intimate.

I’m also the Vice President of The Affirmations Project, a non-profit organization committed to empowering cancer survivors (and all girls and women) to love themselves. You can learn more about the organization, including our annual gala and photo shoot, in this post on my blog.

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